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Features Overview

ASCENT makes is easy for you to do it all!

The web-based training system designed exclusively for the aviation workplace, ASCENT has the easy to use features and functions you need to quickly convert your training materials to effective online courses.

Easy Course Building

Our point-and-click content editor works just like the word processor you are already used to. Just copy and paste, or type your info in, then click the handy toolbar buttons to format it nicely and insert your graphics and multimedia content.

Fast Quiz & Exam Authoring

Just use the same, easy online editor to make questions which can include any kind of web content you like, then type or copy in the possible answers and click to tell the system which is the correct one. Use your Question Bank to quickly find questions on certain topics to populate into your quizzes and exams with a couple clicks.

Collecting Feedback

Whip together a simple or detailed feedback survey to gauge the effectiveness of your training, or anything else you want staff feedback on.

Documented Communications

Controlled, tracked and documented communication with your staff. Some clients buy ASCENT just for this alone - and get their online training system for free! Use it as your intranet or a key part of your Safety Management System.


Compatible with all browsers

Network & firewall safe, compatible with all major browsers on Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. HTML based content can be exported and put into Word, PowerPoint, or other e-learning systems. Universal mySQL data can be integrated with your HR or other system. You’re never stuck with ASCENT and no hassles with your users, no matter where they are or what kind of computer they have.

You Have Control

You assign one or more people as Registrar in the system. The Registrar has complete control over who has access and to what level, who gets which courses or exams, and even things like where the Course Certificates and training reminders go.


Each Course is an empty folder which you can fill with as many sub-folders of Content Pages, Multimedia Items, Interactive Review Questions, Quizzes & Exams, and Surveys. There’s no limit. You can move things around as you like, and edit each page as you like.

Records at Your Fingertips

All training activity, progress, and scores are automatically tracked and numerous reports available with a couple mouse clicks.

There's lots more - take the Features Tour to learn about the amazing abilities of the ASCENT Aviation E-Training System!


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